Section 1. The Ohlone Area United Democratic Campaign (OAUDC) shall have charge of the party campaign in the tri-city area of Fremont, Newark, Union City and Washington Township under the general direction of the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee (ACDCC). 

Section 2. Pursuant to this duty, the organization and activities of the OAUDC shall be directed toward fundraising and coordinating an organized effort to secure the election to office of the official nominees of the Democratic Party representing the tri-city area of Fremont, Newark and Union City including Statewide Candidates. The OAUDC will also support or oppose state and local ballot measures as directed by the ACDCC. 

Section 3. The Committee shall offer other services and support for the Democratic Party as are requested, warranted and within their capacity and jurisdiction.


Section 1. The Committee shall be composed of regular members, voting members and exofficio members. 

Section 2. The regular members of the OAUDC shall consist of registered Democrats residing within FNUC. 

Voting members shall consist of: All endorsed candidates representing Fremont, Newark and Union City. All regular members in attendance at the Organizational Meeting as described in Article III Section 3, or who have requested to be a voting member between November of the even year and the organizational meeting. After the Organizational Meeting, regular members may request to become a voting member by sending a request in writing via mail or email to the corresponding secretary. Voting rights will go in to effect six months after the request has been received. 

Ex-officio members of the committee shall consist of one individual per endorsed candidate, selected by the candidate to represent their interest at the OAUDC when the candidate is unavailable. Ex-officio members may present the candidate’s vote if the candidate is unavailable. 

Section 3. All regular members of the OAUDC are eligible to be elected to any office of the OAUDC, to speak at regular meetings of the OAUDC, to be appointed to any sub-committees of the OAUDC, and otherwise to participate in the activities of the OAUDC. 

Section 4. Members, regular, voting and ex-officio, shall forfeit their membership if any of the following apply: 

(a) They register as a member of another political Party or publicly disavow the Democratic Party or avow preference for another political Party or another political Party candidate. (b) In addition, ex-officio members may be removed by the appointer. They may still serve as regular or voting members under Article II, Section 2. 

Section 5. Removal of an OAUDC member due to a violation of Article II, section 4a, may follow only after at least five (5) days written notice has been given to the member, allowing them time to respond to the Steering Committee. 

If the member is unsatisfied with the decision of the Steering Committee, an appeal to the general membership at a special meeting may be requested by the individual being removed. The special meeting will be scheduled within seven days of the request by the member. 

Notice of the special meeting will be announced via email to all known addresses of the membership by the corresponding secretary at least five days prior to the meeting. The member may choose to wave the five day waiting period. The time and place of the meeting is at the sole discretion of the Steering Committee. 

At the meeting, the Steering Committee will be given three minutes to present evidence and the member will be given five minutes for a response. A two-thirds vote in favor of removal by all voting members present is necessary for removal. 

Removal remains in effect until the next Organizational meeting of the OAUDC. 


Section 1. The officers of the Committee shall be a Chair, Vice Chair, Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary, Treasurer and up to two (2) additional City Vice Chairs representing any city not already represented by an Officer of the Committee. The City Vice Chairs must reside in the city they represent. The officers of this Committee shall constitute the Steering Committee. 

Section 2. The Chair, Vice Chair, Corresponding Secretary, and Recording Secretary shall be elected by majority vote of those voting members present and voting, and shall serve a two year term. The City Vice Chairs shall be elected by a majority of the voting members present and voting who reside in the city being represented. 

Section 3. The election of officers shall take place on the Saturday after President’s day weekend in odd years. This meeting shall be referred to as the Organizational Meeting. The time and location of the organizational meeting shall be at the discretion of the Steering Committee. Notice of the time and location of the organizational meeting will be sent out at least one week prior via email to all known members of the OAUDC. 

Section 4. At the same organizational meeting, following the election of the officers described in Section 1 above, each city within FNUC, not already represented by one resident within the elected officers, shall vote for one additional officer to carry out the role of City Vice Chair. If all three cities are represented within the elected officers, no additional officers shall be selected. 

Section 5. The Chair of the OAUDC shall be the Chief Executive, with responsibility for execution of policies, programs, and the overall direction and supervision of OAUDC activities. The chair of the OAUDC shall serve as the tie-breaker in any votes where the vote is even. 

Subject to approval by majority vote of regular members present, and voting at the election of the newly sworn in Steering Committee, the Chair of the OAUDC shall appoint the Treasurer abiding by guidelines set forth in Section 9 of this Article. 

In the event that a Steering Committee member resigns during their two year term, the Chair will choose a replacement to serve the remainder of the term, chosen from the voting members of the OAUDC, with the advice and consent of the remaining members of the Steering Committee 

At least five (5) days prior to each regular meeting, the Chair shall transmit to the Corresponding Secretary the agenda of the meeting, including any proposed election or removal of members or officers, any proposed commission appointments, and other matters of major importance. 

Section 6. The Vice Chair shall assist the Chair in the fulfillment of the duties in such a manner as the Chair prescribes, and shall preside at any meeting of the Committee from which the Chair is absent. 

Section 7. The Corresponding Secretary, on behalf of the Committee, shall reply as directed by the Committee or Chair, to letters that have been addressed to the Committee; shall transmit the memorials, resolutions, news releases as directed by the Committee or Chair; shall send out all notices of meetings, minutes of meetings, agenda, etc., as directed. 

Section 8. The Recording Secretary shall be responsible for taking roll at each meeting and of recording the minutes of each meeting; shall transmit to the Corresponding Secretary a copy of the minutes of each meeting, including the record of attendance and absences. 

Section 9. The Treasurer shall be responsible for all funds of the Committee and shall disburse them to pay the bills of the Committee; shall maintain complete record of receipts and disbursements of accounts receivable and payable, and of cash on hand; shall make monthly financial reports to the committee when changes have occurred or financial reports have been filed; shall be responsible for preparing and filing all financial reports, documents and records required by law. 

In appointing the Treasurer the following criteria must be considered: 1.) Proven organizational ability; 2.) Knowledge of Fair Political Practices Commission rules and regulations; 3.) Experience in filing financial statements, reports, documents and records required by law; 4.) Eligibility for bonding; 5.)Time available to carry-out the duties of the Treasurer in a timely fashion. 

Section 10. The duty of the City Vice Chair shall be to assist the chair of the Steering Committee, to serve as a chair of one of the standing committees, and to participate and support the work of the OAUDC in the same way as any other member of the Steering Committee. As with all members of the Steering Committee, any City Vice Chair will be expected to support the best interest of all candidates of the OAUDC and all of the tri-cities to the best of their ability. 

Section 11. Other duties and responsibilities of each of the above officers shall be those prescribed by action of the Committee or by the latest edition of Roberts Rules of Order. Officers are expected to attend all meetings and to be prepared to be an active member of the OAUDC. 

Section 12. The steering Committee will work collaboratively to find and obtain the physical location of the OAUDC, staff the office (hiring an Executive Director) and ensure the organized effort of the operations at the Campaign headquarters. 

Section 13. An officer of this committee may be removed from office for cause, that is: misconduct in the exercise of his or her duties as an officer, or neglect of duty in office, or violation of Article II, Section 4 of the bylaws, by the following procedures: 

(a) A majority of the Steering Committee must sign and submit to the Recording Secretary a written Statement of Charges containing the grounds for removal; 

(b) The Chair, upon receipt of the Statement of Charges, must contact the accused officer and send a copy of the Statement of Charges to the accused officer along with a letter stating that the accused officer may either resign or have a hearing at a special meeting of the regular committee as outlined in Article II, Section 5 of the bylaws; 

(c) If the accused officer does not resign, the Secretary shall send a copy of the Statement of Charges to all members, regular and ex-officio, along with the date, time and location of a special meeting, as outlined in Article II, Section 5 of the bylaws, where a vote on removal will take place; 


Section 1. The Standing Committees of the OAUDC shall be Political Action, Fundraising and Special Events, and By-Laws. 

(a) The Chairman and members of all standing committees shall be appointed by the Chairman of the Steering Committee with advice and consent from the Officers of the Steering Committee. All appointments to Standing Committees shall be for the term ending with that of the Steering Committee. 

(b) All committee members may serve on multiple committees but should take in to consideration the amount of time the member has available to contribute. All committee members will be expected to contribute their energies. There are no “Honorary” seats on committees, where work is not required. 

Standing Committee meetings shall be scheduled at a time and place that is most convenient to the Committee. All Steering Committee members serve as ex-officio members to the Standing Committees and shall be notified by the Committee Chair of the meeting date, time and location. If the meeting is to take place electronically, an agenda shall be sent to the Steering Committee and a summary submitted after the meeting has taken place. The Recording Secretary shall keep a history of the summaries for future reference. 

Section 2. All OAUDC members are eligible for appointment as Chair of a Standing Committee. 

Section 3. The Committee on Political Action shall be responsible for the encouragement and coordination of a voter registration and get-out-the-vote program, and it shall maintain liaison with other organizations and individuals similarly engaged; shall be responsible for all polls and surveys of members requested by the Committee. 

Section 4. The Committee on Fundraising and Special Events shall be responsible for all fund-raising activities and special events. It shall maintain lists of contributors to the Committee and supply a copy of the list to the recording secretary at least once a year. 

Section 5. The Committee on By-Laws shall be responsible for considering, drafting and proposing amendments to these by-laws as deemed advisable by a majority of the members or upon direction of the Steering Committee or Chair of the OAUDC. The Committee may propose changes to the bylaws at any time. In order to be adopted, any proposed changes must follow Article VIII of the bylaws. 

Section 6. The Chair of this Steering Committee may create such special committees as deemed advisable by the Steering Committee and may appoint the Chair of such Committees. 


Section 1. The Organizational Meeting shall take place as outlined in Article III Section 3 of the OAUDC bylaws. 

Section 2. Regular meetings of the Committee shall be held as designated necessary by the Steering Committee, with at least seven days prior notice of the members via email to all known OAUDC members. 

Section 3. Special meetings of the Committee may be held upon call of the Chair, a majority of the Steering Committee or within seven (7) days upon petition of any twenty (20) voting members or when necessary to carry out the business of the OAUDC. 

Section 4. A quorum of the Committee shall consist of 10% of the voting members of the OAUDC (as described in Article II Section 2.). Only endorsed candidates will be allowed to proxy vote via their ex-officio member. Only votes of voting members in attendance at a meeting shall be counted. 

Section 5. Except as provided herein, the rules contained in Roberts Rules of Order, latest edition, shall govern the meetings of the Committee. 


Section 1. The OAUDC does not endorse candidates. The OAUDC relies on the wisdom of the ACDCC and follows their advice on which candidates are endorsed and thereby supported by the Democrats of the Ohlone Area. 


Section 1. The purpose of the Ohlone Area United Democratic Campaign is to put forth an organized effort to elect the endorsed candidates of the ACDCC. To that end, in order to participate in the organized effort of the OAUDC, candidates must sign a statement of understanding before participating in the activities of the OAUDC. The purpose of the statement of understanding is to make clear expectations before campaigning begins and to keep the campaign united, effective and without dissension. 

Section 2. The statement of understanding for Candidates: 

I ______________ understand that, in order to be effective, the Candidate Name Ohlone Area United Democratic Campaign (OAUDC) must maintain a single focus in support of all the endorsed candidates of the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee (ACDCC) representing the cities of Fremont, Newark and Union City. I will support the election of all the endorsed candidates and refrain from campaigning for any candidates who are running in opposition to the endorsed candidates. 

I understand that campaigning may include but is not limited to promoting or endorsing a candidate running for the same seat as a OAUDC candidate, hosting an event or contributing more than $99. 

I understand that I can choose not to participate in the OAUDC and that it will not affect my endorsement by the ACDCC. I will be allowed to keep my campaign material available for pick up at the OAUDC headquarters but no organized effort will be expended by the OAUDC to disseminate the material. 

I understand that, if I am found to be campaigning for a candidate running in opposition to any of the OAUDC endorsed candidates, or running in opposition to a Democrat, I may lose the support of the OAUDC. Any monies donated to the OAUDC will remain the property of the OAUDC, and will not be returned. 

I understand that I may be asked to not have one of my volunteers participate in the OAUDC if the volunteer is a vocal supporter of an opposition candidate, and that this will be handled on a case by case basis by the Steering Committee. 

Signed_______________________________ Date:__________ 

Section 3. Removal of Support 

Removal of support for any candidate will follow Article II, Section V of the bylaws.


Section 1. These by-laws may be repealed or amended at the Organizational meeting, at any regular or emergency meeting of the OAUDC. Such action may be taken provided that notice of intention to make a change to the bylaws has been given by the By-Laws Committee to the Steering Committee. After notification to the Steering Committee, the Corresponding Secretary will send a notice of the proposed change via email to all regular members of the OAUDC in the current database at least seven (7) days prior to the meeting where the vote will take place. A full copy of the proposed changes will be included in the email. A PRO argument, drafted by the individual or group proposing the change and a CON argument, drafted by any opposition, shall be approved by the Steering Committee and may be included. The notice must be sent at least seven (7) days in advance of the meeting where a vote on the bylaws is to take place. 

Urgent changes to the bylaws may be brought to the membership at a special meeting, with seven days prior notice. The date, time and place of the special meeting shall be at the discretion of the Steering Committee. Any changes must receive a majority vote of the voting members at the special meeting.

Adopted February 22, 2014